Color of the ½ Week – a color coordinating lifestyle coined by Jasmine designed to get you to wear more colors while staying stylish 

Cream Formula – a polish with an opaque formula; usually covers the nail in 2 thin coats with no visible nail line present; ease of application varies  

Jelly Formula – a polish with an intentionally sheer formula; creates a “lip gloss” look on the nail with a sheer finish and intense shine; easy application 

Crelly Formula – a polish with the opacity of a cream and the easy application of a jelly; usually covers the nail in 2 coats 

One-Coater Polish – a polish that only requires one coat due to its opacity; common in darker and chalky colors 

Chalky Formula – a polish with a thick, patchy formula; typical of white, light, and pastel colors; ease of application varies 

Cuticle – a layer of dead tissue on the nail plate that sits under the edge of the proximal nail fold; can be safely removed 

Proximal Nail Fold – often confused for the cuticle; living skin surrounding the entire nail plate that should never be cut and/or removed 

Affordable Fashion – fashion at a reduced price; taking into consideration quality, brands, and the store where the item was found 

Skin and Nail Oil – commonly known as cuticle oil; a blend of oils that nourish the nail and proximal nail fold with the goals of increasing nail flexibility and reducing dry skin 

Instant Gratification – as it relates to shopping, the inability to wait for a sale resulting in paying full price for an item that will undoubtedly be on sale in the upcoming weeks 

Delayed Gratification – as it relates to shopping, the ability to wait for a sale resulting in paying a reduced price for an item 

Gatekeeping – as it relates to fashion, choosing not to disclose where you find your clothes, accessories, shoes, etc., from because you put the time in to find clothing pieces you like

Daylight – natural lighting produced by light coming in through exterior windows 

Outdoor Indirect Lighting – outside lighting facing away from the sun or in the shade