Pink Ombre Hearts

An easy ombre stamping manicure for Valentine’s Day or any day!

Products Used:

  1. Sally Hansen “Aflorable”
  2. Sally Hansen “Hello Pretty”
  3. Essence Cosmetics “Wild White Ways”
  4. Pueen Cosmetics “Pure White”
  5. Pueen Cosmetics Marble Paradise 1 Plate
  6. Glisten and Glow Top Coat
  7. Pueen Cosmetics Latex Tape
  8. Cosmetic sponge

Step by Step:

  1. Paint the middle finger and ring finger white.
  2. Paint the pinky and thumb finger a dark pink.
  3. Paint the pointer finger a light pink.
  4. Place latex tape around the middle and ring finger and allow to dry.
  5. On the sponge, place the white, light pink, and dark pink polish.
  6. Tap the sponge on the white nails 1 or 2 times. Let dry and repeat as needed.
  7. Once the ombre is complete, apply top coat.
  8. Using an opaque white stamping polish, stamp the heart design on the nails.
  9. Top Coat and Go!

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