Spooky Eye Halloween Nail Art

Products Used:

Colors Used: 2 coats of Essence Cosmetics “Wild White Ways”, O.P.I. “Black Onyx”, O.P.I. ‘Coca-Cola Red”, Orly “Glass Half Full”, and Glisten and Glow Top Coat

Tools used: Medium and small dotting tool, BeeltesGelPolish dark blue liner brush

Step by Step:

  1. Paint two coats of white polish on all nails.
  2. Using the medium dotting tool, place a medium sized dot with blue polish in the middle of the nail.
  3. Using the liner brush, make lines with the red polish starting from the edges working your way to the edge of the blue circle. Make v’s at the edges of the red lines.
  4. Using medium dotting tool, place a smedium sized dot with black polish.
  5. Using the small dotting tool, place two small dots with white polish on the sides of the black dot.
  6. Top Coat and Go!

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