Explanation: Color of the 1/2 Week

What is color of the (1/2) Week?

Color of the (1/2) week is a color coordinating lifestyle designed to get you to wear more colors while still staying stylish!

What determines the color of the (1/2) week? 

The nail polish of your choice! Nail polish is inexpensive enough such that you are able to have many different colors and shades. I have TONS of nail polish in different colors so, for me, it made the most sense to circulate the outfits around those choices.

Do I have to do only one color manicures?

Nope! You can do one color, accent nails, skittle mani, etc., just make sure the colors you wear/accessorize with also match the colors on your nails. A skittle mani would be the perfect time to wear different shades of a favorite color throughout the (1/2) week. 

What should I match my nails to?

Everything! Match it to your bedsheets, pajamas, outfits, stationary, undergarments, lanyards, accessories (earrings, purses, bracelets, etc.), shoes, cuticle oil holder, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Pros of the Color of the (1/2) week lifestyle 

Preparedness – By doing color of the (1/2) week, you are able to prep your outfits and accessories for the entire week, saving you time (and brain power) in the morning! Gone are the days of painting your nails a random color and struggling in the morning to match an outfit to it.

Flexibility – You are no longer limited to one mani color a week and having to nickel and dime putting outfits together to match that respective color. By painting your nails twice a week, you are expanding your color palette and swatching through your (ever expanding) nail polish collection twice as fast!

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