Sally Hansen Top Coat Showdown: The Rules

I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for an amazing top coat, one that drys quickly and can give me 7 days of a chip free manicure. I love browsing through the nail polish section at Walmart and always see a pretty impressive selection of Sally Hansen nail polish and top coats. Sally Hansen has OVER 10 different top coats listed on their website so I’ve always wondered which ones yield the longest lasting mani so I decided to put them to the test. I’ve decided to do this wear test in rounds with each polish equating to one round, so this showdown could take some months lol. The number of rounds will depend on how many top coats I can find, but for now we are looking at 7 rounds. Below you will find the rules I plan to follow during the wear test and the topcoats I have already planned. At the end of this showdown, I will do a final post to compare all the top coats and declare a winner!


  • Only one coat of each top coat
  • O.P.I. Natural Nails base coat will be used for each round
  • Tips wrapped for each top coat
  • Each round will last 7 days and I will take pictures everyday for documentation
  • I will use the same brand of polish for each round (O.P.I.). I won’t be using Sally Hansen brand polish because the directions for the top coat do not specify to use the brand (like some brands do) so I figured using a different brand would really put it to the test as lines are normally formulated to work best together.
  • I will follow dry time directions for each top coat and document my experience
  • Gloves will be worn during any cleaning, dishwashing, etc.
  • Cuticle oil will be applied at least 4 times a day


Round 1 – Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip top coat

Round 2 – Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat

Round 3 – Sally Hansen No Chip top coat

Round 4 – Sally Hansen Big Kwik Dry top coat

Round 5 – Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D top coat

Round 6 – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shiny top coat

Round – 7 Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat

Let the games begin!

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